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business acceleration day

When we don’t have a strong plan to follow, we fall into one of two traps, “Shiny Object Syndrome” or “Analysis Paralysis”. These traps keep us stuck in place or running on the hamster wheel. Together we’ll do a deep dive into your business (or your business idea) and create an actionable plan you can start implementing right away! Full or half days are available.

marketing planning day

Stop chasing every marketing idea that comes into your mind! Nothing gives you more confidence than having a clear plan attached to real goals. Let’s create a marketing plan for the next 6 months. We’ll start with your outset situation and your desired outcome. Then we’ll consider your strategy, set clear goals, develop tactics and create a deployment schedule. You’ll leave this day with a clear plan and a roadmap to reach the goals you set. Full or half days are available.

Career builder sessions

When you’re ready for that next step on the career ladder, you need someone in your corner! Someone who supports you, but who will also give you the constructive feedback you need to create that perfect personal brand, resume and Linked-In page and to nail those interviews!

Or maybe you need someone to help you work through what you even want to do “when you grow up”?

Whether you have a clear goal you’re headed for and you just want some polishing for that next step, or you’re questioning your career choices and wondering what else is out there, these sessions are for you.

best life sessions

Personal coaching sessions to focus on living YOUR best life - the POP//Life! Together we will focus on helping you express the five elements of the POP//Life: Self-Confidence, Well-Being, Abundance, Impact and Fun in your own life! We’ll uncover your true desired outcome and make a plan to reach it.

organizational consulting

Let’s work together on creative and practical solutions to your organizational needs.