Your needs. My support. our success.

I bring seventeen years of corporate leadership experience to the table. My consulting services are focused on helping you and your team members excel in a variety of areas from marketing strategy to team building to process development.

I take a collaborative approach to understanding your organization’s unique challenges which ensures that I deliver creative ideas and practical solutions.

team alignment

Nothing can stop a team that’s in alignment with the strategy and goals of their organization. When each member is working at their best level and communication and teamwork are strong. But the opposite is also true. Unclear goals, inter-personal discord, and skills gaps can stifle a team’s performance. I can take your team through an alignment process to get them on the right track!

Process Development

Solid results require solid processes. From development to communication to training and implementation - processes can make or break a project and have an impact on the bottom line. I offer support in creating performance management, sales and marketing, and communications processes.

marketing strategy and planning

Marketing strategy is where your organization’s goals go to be realized. I can help you create and communicate the over-arching strategic direction for your brand, as well as support you in roadmap planning to implement effective tactics based on that strategy.