I’m here to help you clarify your desired outcomes, discover and move past your barriers to achieving them, and hold you to your commitments along the way. Together we will help you live a life that POPs!
— Abbie

one-on-one coaching options for your business//career//life

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you want to hit the ground running in your business

You’re ready to level up with your business, but you aren’t sure how. Or, you own a small business that has you feeling trapped. Either way, you’re unsure of the next steps to take. There are only so many hours in the day and the evil twins “Overwhelm” and “Idea Fatigue” have you paralyzed. You need a strategy, clear goals, and a plan to get there. And you need someone to hold you to it.

For you, I offer a full- or half-day POP//Life Business Acceleration Session and Marketing Planning Sessions.

It’s all about you, doing what it takes to have a business that POPs.

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your career is less than poppin’

You have a job, but you want more.

You want to go for that promotion within your current organization - or you’re planning to jump to a whole new scene. You need someone to give you the straight talk on your plan. Do you have the three things every business looks for in a potential leader? Are you letting fear or insecurity get in the way of owning your career?

For you, I have the POP//Life Career Builder Sessions

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you’re ready to feel great in your skin

You’re in need of a change. Physically and mentally, you’re ready to live your best life. You want to lose those extra pounds, but you also want to live a full and satisfying life, RIGHT NOW.

No more waiting until you reach a certain size, or a certain milestone before you feel good about yourself. Together we will focus on hitting your health and weight-loss goals, as well as living all the elements of the POP//Life now!

For you, I offer the POP//Life Best Life Sessions